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I have 55 stories published in 7 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 56173 times and 7 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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David Andrews

My stories

Cameron "Cam" Henderson - Backstory

My name's Cam, I'm sixteen years old and the son of Ares. You know, the Greek God of war? Don't look at me like that, I ‘aint tripping and I ‘aint crazy. Although sometimes I wonder.

Dragonstar - Part 8

For the second time in less than a day, Trace awoke in the ship’s medbay.

Dragonstar - Part 7

Korodo has left safety of his ship in the hands of a 15-year-old kid who's never flown a ship before in his life.

An Unlikely Hero - Issue 5

Todd cursed as another wave of Zombie Ninja’s stormed the barricades. Glancing at the ammo counter, he saw that his weapon was almost empty.

Kam - Backstory

Born into a small tribe of shifters in the Eldeen Reaches, Kam spent his early childhood in a village deep within the forests.