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I have 55 stories published in 7 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 56172 times and 7 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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David Andrews

My stories

RS05 - The Deepling

A sudden and unexpected storm cuts of St Piran's Island, forcing the students of Cliffport Community School to stay overnight. Meanwhile, inhuman eyes are watching one student in particular.

Dragonstar - Part 5

Caldrin stood at the window, looking out over the cityscape. Dawn sunlight was streaming in from the horizon, bathing the city in a golden-orange glow.

RS04 - The Runaway

Mark knows where Ryan is now living. Scared, Ryan decides that his only option is to flee Cliffport and head to London. But first, he has some unfinished business in his home town of Truro.

RS03 - The Jewel

The morning after the accident, before he had been released from hospital, Ryan had an unexpected visitor, Jake Matthews.

RS02 - The Accident

It had been nearly four years since his parents had been killed, murdered by his then 17-year-old brother Mark. Ryan had been left for dead, his throat cut and soaked in petrol as his older brother torched the family home.