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I have 38 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 109667 times and 23 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Juliet O'Callaghan

My stories

The Replacement Wife (part one - Rebecca - V.)

V. Flynn and I weren’t on the same table at dinner, not that I expected us to be. He was sat with Brian the Chief Exec and Alfie the useless...

The Replacement Wife (part one - Rebecca - IV.)

IV. Flynn came out of the kitchen as I was heading for a refill. He was carrying his flask of coffee, which he kept topped up all day. It was a cute...

The Replacement Wife (part one - Rebecca - III.)

III. Flynn was like a fever, one that would not break. My day could come crashing around my ears if he wasn’t in the office or appeared disinterested...

The Replacement Wife (part one - Rebecca - II.)

II. Never have I been so desperate to return to work. The Christmas holidays were a wash out as predicted. My brother, Darren, was clearly stoned the...

The Replacement Wife (part one - Rebecca - I.)

PART ONE ~Rebecca~ I. The aroma of his aftershave, spicy yet fresh, hit me as he entered my cubicle. He must have brushed against the Christmas tree...