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I have 619 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Joseph Xavier Martin

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The Dandelion Cure

The Dandelion Cure Darryl Donnecker was an average looking man who was unremarkable in everything he did, with one notable exception. He had an explosive digestive tract, whose daily ritual denouement ended in a volcanic eruption that was audible to everyone within a 50 foot radius. To compound the embarrassment, the process was preceded by great rippling peals of flatulence that sounded like distant thunder on a stormy night.

The Columbus Crocodile

The Columbus Crocodile We were in the Alcazar Palace, in Seville, when we looked up into the rafters of the castle hallway. There, we saw the stuffed body of a crocodile, hanging from the rafters. It looked interesting enough, but they don't have crocodiles in Spain. We asked the tour guide where it came from. He didn't know, but went and asked one of the palace guards. The man's face brightened when he began to tell the story.

"Guess who's coming to dinner?"

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner The silken strands of the web glistened in the morning sunlight. The dew filled in sections of the web with a silver pane of moisture as artfully crafted as if inserted with a glazier's deft touch.

That House in Barcelona

That House in Barcelona I see the people standing on the sidewalk below me looking, always looking, at the flowing lines and interesting facade of the building. Their comments waft up to me in the clear