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On my beard

I decided to live with you, since then, to grow you up, with passion, until you matched perfectly my hairy chest. That was first love, for you, but...

Don't count on Me

Elections, stir in town. Banners everywhere Loudspeakers, music, food, Smell of poverty. Don't want to get outside, I did everything I could, They...

Through swamp

Twelve o'clock, middle of the night, between Saturday and Sunday. A warm and humid air, coming from the west, but this was not the trouble,...

On Line

Impressed by form, of life, we continue to believe in lines, that connect us with places, we call them destinies, glum. Then we rise up, again,...

Devil's Soup

A bit of salt... No! I'm cooking, not you! I said, Mixing the red soup. Sugar, then..., Stop! Get your hands off! Just pepper..., What? What's wrong...