Cuckoo, BBC 3, 9.30pm

Cuckoo in the nest. Get it? That’s the premise of this comedy. Robert Lindsay was a kind of cuckoo in Citizen Smith and later the father of a couple of cuckoos with Zoe Wanamaker in My Family. Even old Del Boy with his three wheel van, Independent Trotter firm, and would be entrepreneurial ways, was a kind of cuckoo to the straight Trotter family. So this would be Cuckoo (played by Andy Samberg) to a straight middle-class family is played for laughs. Ken (Greg Davies) is the bemused dad, who, for example, when he’s going for a glass of water, finds Cuckoo meditating in the lotus position naked at 3am on his good Ikea worktops in the kitchen --a) puts a tea –towel under his butt and b) calls a family meeting to discuss acceptable behaviour. It goes to a vote. Rachel, Cuckoo’s wife (the beautiful Tamla Kara) sides with her New Age husband and his zany ideas. Lorna (Helen Baxendale) sides with Ken, her square, but good hearted husband. The would be casting vote goes to their son, Dylan (Tyger Aidren-Honey) who uses it as leverage to blackmail his dad into inviting their neighbour’s daughter to their house party. There’s a forfeit for losing the vote, of course. There always is. Easy to watch. Kinda funny.


It was kinda funny, I agree - but that's all it was.

that's the only episode I watched Tony. Not really my thing. But thanks for reading.