Swallow This by Joanna Blythman

Do you buy supermarket food? Salad, cheese, rolls, vegetables - perhaps meat and fish when they are bargained off because they are on their sell-by dates? I do.  This book is none too cheerful but it is important. I don't quite buy 'you are what you eat' - last time I looked in the mirror I did not resemble my breakfast boiled egg on toast, spread with Flora but I feel that what goes into my bod is essential fuel and I like to believe that it is fit for use.

Those bad old E numbers we all started to get all freaked out about feeding to our children - that's history. We have a whole new range of colourings, flavourings, preservatives that don't have the 'nasty' numbers but make fake food taste sort of real. New rubbish to replace the old. Don't want to scare you but none of the news is good. The word 'extract' on a label covers any process imaginable, treated with any commercially viable mix of chemicals. Not sure how much of my food purchasing will change but I shall be better informed about all the scams and swizzes that are legal mainstream food production and marketing deceit. The essentials of any processed foods according to the foodwriter author are 'sweet, oily, old, flavoured, coloured, watery, starchy, tricky and packed' She devotes a chapter to each process. And the stuff that looks 'natural', 'fresh' or 'baked on the premises' never is.


I shudder sometimes to think what I'm eating, because I'm not naturally inclined to cook and, being on my own, when I can't face another healthy vegetable stir fry or salad or pasta with red lentil sauce I do resort to a ready meal.  I always think, when they say 'baked on the premises', they never specify which premises.  

Prepared, frozen and packed months ago, delivered in containers then heated up in the instore bakery on the day and sprinkled with sugar.

50% of the world is obese. I'm not overly concerned. The way we plunder land and sea is the real scandal. But it's all tied in with big business and making a killing.  Somebody pays, but not right away. Few profit, but it makes them richer. 


Obesity can be linked to salt and sugar addiction - tomato ketchup, bread, coco pops, cola. Children get hooked well before primary school.