Light and dark

I wish for the darkness of day/night to descend. It's like a cloak I can wear over my sadness. During the day, if it is very bright like now when the air reflects the light of the snow I wish for it to grow dark because that is the mood I am in- too much brightness and I am reminded of how my unhappiness doesn't match the daylight. I don't feel this way every day and when I am happy then I am truly happy. So I know what happiness is. Not everyone can feel the happiness even though they have experienced it. It is so sad when you are that depressed. There's always hope and if you can cling on to hope you'll cope with life.


well I hope you get the cloak of happiness


Hey Pia! Doncha go all weerd on me now. You might find some weirded beardo stalking thru yer gnomes checking out the situation. Hope you're all good me dear. xx

Parson Thru

Funny thing is, that's pretty much what I'm saying. They're missing a trick when they take to the happy pills. The downs are painful. Dangerous even. But imagine how being alive might be if all you ever had was a permanent high. You would never know you were there. Or here. Or something. What the fuck? You take good care there in the frozen wastes.

Parson Thru