ABCTales and The General Election

As a Registered Foundation Charity you may (or may not) know that ABCTales isn't permitted to express  support for any political party.

This doesn't mean however that our wonderful and talented editors can't reflect their own personal views in their writing. 

We welcome people from across the whole political spectrum so long as they keep to our terms and conditions


Tory scum. And Trump is evil incarnate. That's just my opinon. The American election is by far the most important for humanity. 


We need Terence Oblong to create some stories about Tory voters :0)


Thanks Di

I'm currently tied up in an election on one of my fictional islands


Maybe they're too civilised on the island to have general elections? : )


would have to be a coalition. Unless (!) one of them didn't vote for the other


We've got a general election in Bulgaria on Sunday. There are almost as many political parties here as there are voters and none of them seem to know what they're doing (political parties and voters). So I tend to keep my gob shut, not because I'm polite and considerate but because I haven't a clue what's going on.