ABCtales Virtual Reading Night – Video Now Live!

This just in from Mark Burrow!



ABCtales Virtual Reading Night – Video Now Live! 



We had a great evening of poetry and prose in February and I’m delighted to say the video is now live on our YouTube Channel. 

Our following members appear on the video:


Luigi Pagano

Sean McNulty  





Fran Thompson 



Simon Barget


Mark Burrow 



Please note, some of the readings contain strong language.

To see the video, click on the following link (if you click on“read more”, you can see each reading has been time coded):


Well done, Mark. 


An excellent compilation. Well done and thank you, Mark.


It was great to watch again, wasn't it? Hope to see you both at the next one!


Good news This will be fun to watch again - Was the November 2020 Virtual Reading ever uploaded to you tube? I had hoped to see that reading again too but have not found it there, is there a link posted for it? smiley


Thank you Luigi,  but that link was for the August 27, 2020 reading night -- I was hoping to see the November 28, 2020 virtual reading night, but I am not sure it was uploaded or perhaps, I  just did not see the link when it was.  

Hi, Penny. here's the youtube link to the Nov. reading. Hope all is well with you. x


I just noticed the link is dated Sept. Now I'm confused. lol.


Sorry, I can't find any trace of it. I recall watching it but did not read and don't know if a video was ever produced. your best bet is to ask Mark Burrows

Regards, Luigi


You can try emailing him perhaps?