Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem for the month of February have very kindly been chosen by Drew Gummerson:

And coming right out of the blue, on February’s extra day, came this pitch-perfect piece from an 80s childhood in Dundalk, Ireland,


Sean McNulty’s ‘Scouts Honour’ is my Story of the Month. Not a vernacular word out of place, join ‘Dixon, McGurk and myself’, down at Easy Weirs for an old school VHS adventure. I hope there’ll be more to come. 


It wasn’t an easy choice. Honourable mentions to celticman’s harrowing ‘Homemaker’, artofminima’s continuing and brilliant unnamed saga of a single mum’s chaotic life, and rosaliekempthorne’s fairytale, ‘Garden I Grew’.


For my poem of the month, like a lot of people, I was blown away by Noo’s ‘Music Binds’ -


It stands up well to multiple readings and I still don’t think I’ve got all I’m going to get out of it. 


Again, it wasn’t an easy choice. onemorething’s shapeshifting poetry continues to constantly sparkle, I was moved by Lille Dante’s ‘Caroline Danced’, and captivated by JupiterMoon’s ‘1984 Was More Than Just Orwell’ which perfectly captured the wacky hippy sensibility of Richard Brautigan, one of my very favourite writers.


Good stuff all round.