Story and Poem of The Month

Our Story and Poem for the Month of March, very kindly chosen by hudsonmoon:



Picks of the Month March 2022


Why me? Do you not realize the suffering that goes along with picking poems and stories of the month? The agony? The self-doubt? Am I even worthy of such a task? The answer, of course, is no. That’s because I always assume someone is better suited to the task. But that someone else is busy — busy prancing merrily in a park picking wildflowers and not picking stories and poems of the month. 

All nonsense aside, I do enjoy the honor of doing it. So, let’s get to it.

Poem of the Month

I’ll never claim to fully understand the complexities of poetry, but when you pour over words and those words somehow seep into your heart and soul, you know you’ve experienced something wonderful. Which is why The Wanderer or The Exile’s Lament by onemorething is my choice for Poem of the Month.

The Wanderer or The Exile’s Lament by onemorething

Story of the Month

I do know more about stories though, and my selection for Story of the Month is Mark Burrow’s Not There. It’s the one story that has stayed with me the most these past three weeks. It starts out with a boy’s seemingly innocent walk along a country lane with a mother who doesn’t seem to know he’s there, and ends— No. I won’t spoil it here. You’ll have to read it for yourselves.

Nor There by Mark Burrow

Honorable Mentions


The following honorable mentions were particular favorites. Thought provoking and well written to boot. 

Through Ice Flowers by lenchenelf

One by One by smokejack

Metamorphosis by LittleRedHat



The Ten Minute Bore by celticman

Groundhog Boris by marandina

Liam in My Head by poetkateholden


Thanks so much! Am chuffed to bits! Love all the writing above too. 


This is such a lovely confidence boost -- thank you so much. I really enjoyed the other pieces mentioned as well.