Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem of the Month for November has very kindly been chosen by Sean McNulty


There was so much intense, moving, hilarious and brilliant writing this month that it was quite a task to choose.  But here goes.
Poem of the Month is The Woman on the Other Side of the Screen by Ewan, an extremely moving, powerfully written poem.  Playful with language, but heartbreaking, and with a final metaphor that is tender and unforced.

Honourably I would mention:

The Night Angels of the Cake Factory Cream Room by Kilb50 was quite frankly exuberant.  It brought on a powerful hunger in me.

Autumn being my favourite season, I always look forward to new poetry about it, and this month there were two exquisite ones.

Story of the Month goes to Almost by The Real Jaw which I found, with its free and adventurous language, such a fun read and one I wanted to repeat as soon as it was over.

Honourably I would mention: 

TJW’s war writing continues to impress with its robustness and lyricism.  Discipline is no exception.  Is it prose?  Is it a poem?  It is certainly great writing.

I would also recommend two humorous works: Csquirrel’s excellent The Community Water Officer and Ed Crane’s Animals, Dignity and Pints, both of which revel in very funny, barbed dialogue.


Thanks for the honourable mention Sean - appreciated!


Hi Sean, thanks so much for the selection and the kind words. That review makes my day! Those feelings are exactly the ones I wanted to inspire.

Unfortunately, I have to remove the story because someone well-placed in the lit industry has been convinced to read it, and I've been informed that I need to scrub what I've posted from the Internet, in order to optimize my chances of closing a deal.

Sorry to delete it. Everyone here at ABCTales has been consistently remarkably kind to me, and I hate to turn away from the honor of being given story of the month. I'm deeply grateful for you all!