Eastendbutchers Short Story Collection.

My  new book is now available on Amazon. It's a collection of 25 short stories. Some have been on here and some haven't. Some I've brought back to life and given them a bit of a twist. I was always worried of losing them somewhere, I recently moved house and couldn't find my external hardrive( where I keep all my writing), for weeks. Once I found it I thought, why don't I publish them and then they'll always be out there! Hope you like them!

Here's the link...https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eastendbutchers-Short-Story-Collection-Tales/dp...


Congratulations Jolono! If you put an actual link to the book it'll help people find it. I'll put this on the front page tomorrow if you like? Let me know


That would be great Insert, link done.


One the front page now Joe - Good luck with it!


Love to read them (again) joe. stick a link up. 


Link done CM. Thanks mate.


I'm getting my copy on Saturday. A good read for xmas.