Mayweather v Pacquiao ( Part 1. Introductions)


He’s a 38 year old black American. His mother was a drug addict. His father was a good welterweight who once fought Sugar Ray Leonard, but also a drug dealer who spent 5 years in prison. Last year he earnt in excess of $100m and was the highest paid athlete on the planet. He has an ego the size of Europe. He’s been arrested for beating up his girlfriend and knocking a bouncer senseless, yet he’s appeared on the USA equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing. His net worth is estimated at around $400m. He’s had 47 professional fights and never lost. He’s the undisputed master of his craft.  He’s Floyd (The Money) Mayweather.

He’s 36 and from the Philippines. He was born into poverty. He left home at 14 because his mother couldn’t afford to feed him and his five brothers and sisters. Now he’s a Politician, a singer, an actor and a professional basketball player. He’s accused of not paying over $50m in income tax in the Philippines, yet he’s been elected to the Philippines House Of Representatives for the Province of Sarangani. He is the head coach of Kia Sorento basketball team. He’s made seven albums. He’s graced the cover of Times magazine. He holds the Guinness World Record for most World Titles in different weight divisions. He was voted Fighter of the decade in 2010. He’s Manny (Pac-Man) Pacquiao.

The fight takes place in Las Vegas on 2nd May 2015. It’s estimated to gross in excess of $400m. Mayweather will get 60% of the take and Pacquiao 40%.

Ringside tickets are fetching up to $250,000.

It’s the biggest fight EVER!





I'm like a kid in a sweetshop! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know this is far from an original observation but it is a shame this match didn't happen 5 years back.  Still looking forward to it.  $400m though!


Damn Scratch... thats the whole of part 2 tomorrow! ..LOL


LOL!  yes


Wow .. l'll look out for that. My dad was a boxer in Befnal Green, mate. Think they got fags if they won!! Denise

I thought you were a bloody Jock denni?


Hi Denni. thats my manor. Do you know where? Repton?


My dad was born in 1920 in the Roman Road. Unfortunately he's passed, but l adored the wee cockney bloke

biggest fight ever? Ali v Fraser? Ali v Foreman? Don't know a lot about boxing and probably just watch the snaps on the news, but the money invovled is frightening. 


Yep CM all big and great fights. Hagler v Hearns was another cracker. But this one because of the enormous amount of money involved is by far the biggest. Mayweather is estimated to get $180m whether he wins or loses.


yep, all that money does a lot of talking, perhaps the last fight for both boxers? (Before the re-match, of course).


Hmm. Dunno about this. Too much fascination with how much money they could earn. Not enough interest in the fact that girl friend beating and bouncer beating are the behaviours of someone who needs help, or locking up, or both - but certainly not any kind of adulation. I am a boxing fan and I don't expect its participants to be saints but this fight is not mouth watering for me. Quite the opposite in fact. Drug dealing? (which could affect your kids) Domestic violence? (which could affect our daughters and grandchildren). Hardly the hallmarks of a role model. You only have to watch the news to see their affects on society. Discuss.


Good point scorpio88. But Mayweather served 90 days in jail, over 100 hours community service and attended a 12 month domestic violence programme. He also went for counselling for "impulse control". So it could be said that he's paid his debt to society. As far as the drug dealing is concerned that was his father and not him. In the US he is very much a role model to young black Americans. He tells them that THEY can acheive what he has by taking control of their lives and striving to be the best at what they do. He started with nothing and is now a multi millionaire. As far as they are concerned he is living proof that ANYONE can make it no matter what their background.


the myth that anyone can make it is a slow poison that kills what it seeks to cure. 


I loved that last comment. So true I think as well.

Stephen d