Happiness is a warm keyboard = I live to and love to write

A new story has grabbed my writer’s attention and I’m slowly falling into that place writers go, that trance like state when you’re thinking up a new plot. I love the newness...the twisting, turning possibilities...the fun of something new.

It's the essence of creativity having that blank canvas before me…I can slowly see the story forming and for me it's always at night that I find my creative spirit thriving. I'm not sure why but I guess I'm a night bird…always have been.

I can write in the daytime I suppose but I’m really better at it when the world is asleep...and the owl is hooting in the forest beyond my yard. Those sounds of the morning tend to interrupt my quiet contemplation of a story...All those cheery, chirpy morning birds...and the distracting smell of coffee brewing...makes me have to join the living.

But here I am...in the solitude of the night...with a honey sweetened cup of earl grey tea next to me…clicking rhythmically on the keyboard... watching the blank page fill with dialogue…my mind flying with ideas...while crickets fill the air with night music... I slip further into a world...that's all my own…

Thanks for listeningsmiley



I can identify with you Penny. There's something about nighttime writing that stirs the imagination.

Good luck with your story, I hope you have fun writing.

Jenny. smiley

It truly does Jenny, The nightime is perfect with its deep dark infinity its open for adventure.


I work better at night as well.  I've tried to change things around at various times, and become a lark instead of an owl, but it doesn't work.  I don't think my brain clicks in until some time after three in the afternoon!  I loved this image of you with your cup of tea, weaving your stories.  It's nice to know I'm not the only one!  

Thank you, airyfairy, for reading this and for your lovely commiserating comment. I think we're stuck with what our psyche is set up for - and night birds just think better in the late afternoon and evening. I do however, like the larks, but mostly to watch them as I sip my coffee, as I find I've nothing much to say that early in the morning.