Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

In this ever changing landscape of life the decades move in lightning speeds. If I had known the pace would pick up in such flying seconds, I would have savored more youthful moments and captured them in present time for refocus.

I am not saying my life has passed me by …no, not at all…I am filled with all the days I’ve lived…and look to the rest of my days with wide eyes as eager as a five year old….And I intend to learn and experience more of it and keep the unchartered youth in my heart forever….I just wish I could slow down the days and do more of what I wish and less of what I have to.

I am sure this is the reverberating thoughts of all who are not independently wealthy and must dance to tunes not of their own making in order to pay the bills...Ah, such is the lament of many. Still, it is in this world we live and must navigate…But I can hear my distant drummer beating the rhythm of my words...feeding a desire to sit and write and write until the moon gives way to the sun…

It is not a reality I can follow but a lovely 'What if I could' moment...It will insulate me from the stress of the daily grind…and offer me something to look forward…that freeing moment when I command my time and sit at my keyboard creating a world I alone imagine.

I am holding Today in my hand and feeling the possibilities….seeing nature all around me as I walk…singing songs on the radio loudly, and quite off tune, as I drive….but I am freeing myself to enjoy each second…stretching it out as much as I can, making each a little longer…and a whole lot more MINE!

To the wonders of the next moment…the beauty of what if…the magic of surprises…and the comfort of those we love around us…I toast the day with the last sip of my coffee as I race out the door to my 9 to 5, a little later than I should…but not the least repentant.

Thanks for listening!smiley


uncharted youth is always good, just don't give her the remote. 


You may be right---who knows what mischief one can get into with with that kind of control.smiley