Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

Its been too long since I’ve taken to my keyboard to let loose my thoughts...but thoughts are like that sometimes...they just refuse to be captured…written…studied...or even understood in quick simple musings. Probably due to the fact, I've been living my days in record speed...long hours at work…and longer hours at mundane household tasks… but my imagination has not rested during these quick silver days…it has just been quietly gathering material for new plots and story lines... effectively fleshing out characters while I was sleepwalking through my days of necessary duties…but that sleepwalk ended today.

This morning there was a bird singing softly outside my window and I took the time to listen as I sipped on my lukewarm cup of coffee and actually noticed the coffee wasn't great. Then I noticed my idle keyboard and slowly my eyes refocused...and my muddled thoughts cleared…

I began to reemerge into the present moment of my life…and I noticed the sun was shining through the window and it was a cardinal that was happily singing on a branch on my oak tree…possibilities came to me as I brewed a fresh cup of coffee and powered up my computer…I focused solely on the moment..

I sat down at my dusty keyboard and I could not believe how long I had been away from my writing…I was amazed at my neglect….but soon...it was as if no time had passed...I thrilled to see the first sentence form on the bright screen in front of me...followed by another...and another...

I am threading those wayward musings into a cohesive plot… maybe not yet one I would pursue to book status but certainly having fun playing with its possibilities…Clicking away on my happy, warm again, keyboard…as I sip the hot, caffeinated brew of imagination…and feel at one with the happy bird singing on the tree limb just outside my window.

Happy writing to all and to all a wish for a great story to start……

Thanks for listeningsmiley




happy writing to you too. 


Thank you Celticmansmiley


Good to hear you're back writing again. May your imagination take you on another story adventure.

Jenny. smiley

Thank you Jenny - I appreciate that sentiment and I wish you the same.smiley


Ah, Penny... if writing be the expression of soul... muse on!