A hiatus in the hundertaking!

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noted that this week's Bring Out Your Dead episode - 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You', has appeared a day earlier than normal.  This is because, due to circumstances beyond my control (as they always say) there will now be a slight hiatus in the regular weekly provision of insights into Josiah and Archibald's travails, getting the body of Sir Lewisham Carnock back to the U.K.

However, nil desperandum and all that!  Part 42 of the saga will appear, all being well, on Friday, 17th November which, by happy coincidence, is also the day on which Josiah and Archibald's very first story, 'A Dubious Undertaking', will take to the airwaves via Yorick Radio's podcast on that date.

So, there you are, after a 'famine' of J & A for a couple of weeks, a veritable feast to look forward to on Friday, 17th November.  Make a date in your diary! smiley


Hope it goes well!


you've got it down that''s most of the work. well done. 


Hi Phil,

I'm sure the listeners will love your story as much I did reading.

I really don't want this story to end, it's become a weekly obsession. smiley

Good luck and I hope all goes well. yes

Jenny, smiley



Thanks all. Very much appreciated  smiley