It's all kicking off tomorrow!

Tomorrow (2nd Feb) sees the 53rd episode of the Bring Out Your Dead series, and this is the one you've all been waiting for!  'Sir Lewisham's' funeral finally comes to pass after a year of build-up to it and it's just as explosive as you expect it to be wink

Don't forget that today (1st Feb) sees the publication of the collection of stories that lead up to the Bring Out Your Dead series - 'A Subsequent Engagement' - and you can grab yourself a copy for the ridiculous price of just 99p, today only!

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been following the stories and my special thanks to those who have taken the time to comment and encourage smileyyes




I look forward to reading.



And you did, Jenny, thank you! smiley

Mission Accomplished*

I'm guessing there are more stories to come by an inspired gifted writer... or an addicted master story teller blushwink.... or both?

Well Done !


I really hope so, Kris, and many thanks for the kind comments.  There is one further episode to come in this series and I've just started thinking about where to go next, so watch this space!

brilliant I'll pick up a copy. 


got it up Kindle library, cheers



Thank you.  Hope you enjoy it!

Just in case you were wondering, the regular price of 'A Subsequent Engagement ' is just £1.99, less than the price of a fancy coffee smiley