World Book Day 07.03.24 *My talk at Drogheda Grammar School, Ireland

I was nervous, I'll be honest. 


I was standing in the gym to give a talk to two groups - 5th year & TY years - about not only how important books are today (perhaps even more so now), but also my journey as a writer and my processes.
But I had nothing to worry about; after my spiel as to how I became a writer, a very lively Q&A from the students kept me on my toes. And I found their enthusiasm infectious. I was also very honest with them - about how hard it is to get a book out, staying the course and learning the lessons from writing and releasing each book. I was asked about how I got around writer's block, was I afraid of AI? (some of the students asked me did I think AI would destroy the world?), and what authors and books influenced me.
How to keep the creative spark alive
Thankfully there were no long pauses or awkward gaps. Before I knew it, the talk was over. They gave me a warm round of applause and I ended both talks with a paraphrase quote from the great American poet Kenneth Koch that goes: "Go home and dream tonight, when you wake up write a poem about the dream, and then write a prose piece about writing that poem,"
The audio-visual students then set up a filmed 5 question interview in the school library. Handshakes and thanks all round and I was done. 
I'd recommend any author do this. We live such introverted, enclosed lives as writing is an insular business and chatting, discussing and engaging with the generation who live on their phones can be rewarding in unexpected ways. You learn as much about yourself as you pass on the useful tips and advice
I have t thank Sacha Hendricks and the staff for making me feel so at home and (happily caffeinated) 
Robert Craven
My latest novel MALIGN INTENT is out now 


wonderful work Robert. 


I really found this interesting Robert, (thx4 sharing)

Especially "You learn as much about yourself as you pass on the useful tips and advice"

I encounter this all the time.... I need to make better use of it....

Keep up the good work, Cheers