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Never thought of doing this before but as I have been once again ordered by the lovely Linda Wigzell Cress to get writing again, here goes.

Having been active for the most part throughout my life, it came as a shock when I was told that I had Muscular Dystrophy. A muscle wasting condition which meant I was going to get weaker and weaker as my later years have proved.

I knew something was wrong in my late 30's but my GP just dismissed this saying "Well, at your age it's all a downward spiral".' What, you must be joking' say's I. At which point I got up and left.

I changed my GP a few months later, still knowing something wasn't right.  I was struggling to climb stairs, carry anything of weight and basically feeling weaker than one should at this age.

My new GP showed concern and made appointment for me to see a neurological physio at our local hospital. After trying without success to do certain movements  she stopped and said that she would have to speak with GP.  This lead to a visit to a Neurological Consultant who decided that a muscle biopsy would be the next move.  Biopsy date set, tissue taken from leg and sent away for analysis.

1 week later a call from Consultant for an appointment confirming a diagnosis of Limb Girdle MD.

Going back over the years we can find no other family member having suffered with this condition. But the most likely reason for me being the fall guy was that it had been carried in the family for many years and both my parents were carriers, both passing a faulty gene. Oh lucky me! .

So, that's what it's all about really. Diagnosed at age 49 carried on working until 56. Couldn't take the 12 hour shifts so called it day with the blessing of the missus, my GP, Consultant and Physio.

Still managed to take our little dog for short walks, being careful not to trip and fall but still managed quite a few drops to the ground. The other walkers were brilliant in helping and the Rangers at the park would come and get me if I was on my own.  Even little Suzi ran after a guy who was walking nearby but couldn't see me.  She barked and barked at him until he realised something was up. Bless her.

OK,  so falling is now big issue for me as I am unable to break a fall and normally land on my head these days. Help is sometimes available with mates or family, but otherwise, especially if I have hurt myself, it's a call to the guys and gals in Green.  They are absolutely brilliant. They get me up, check me over and stay with me until I am stable stats wise. They always suggest taking me into hospital but that creates other problems (bit too personal to add here). But if it was really necessary  I would have to go. 

Up to date now. I had a fall 2 weeks ago, have no idea how i managed it but fell backwards and gave the head a real bang on the floor. Maybe I should have gone for a check up, but I went for the bag of frozen peas and a sweet cuppa. I've also been chained to the walking frame. Something I've put off for as long as possible, but as they say, "needs must".  Head still feels a little light, which I may well get to see GP next week.  Well isn't this fun. But I often say,' I've reached this age and can still have a laugh and thoroughly enjoy my family. Especially our 2 Granddaughters. 

Right then. Grand Prix on soon, so I'll leave you for now and gt back again asap.


Well done Royster. Good weekends work what with the Grand Prix and Palace winning. Keep it up me old mate. 



Bless ya Linda. Oh yes, a good weekend al round haha.  Thank you.


As soneone who brought up two sons, I found out quite early on that a back of the head bash is the one where you go to A and E. I hope you feel better soon from your fall Roy - and thanks for this blogpost. Linda was right - you should write more!


Many thanks for your kind comments.  Oh I always do as Linda says haha. She has been an inspiration to me and because of her I wrote my life story and had it put into print for my Grandaughters future reading. 

I hope your lads suffered no lasting problems after falls.


pheew, tough, I wish you well. 


Thank you Celticman. Very kind.



Sorry about your difficulties. You seem to have a happy family, which must help when finding more limitations. I've had some problems recently, and been fairly housebound, and have had delight in still being able to do some things with my two little granddaughters who have come to live with us awhile.– and having to be firm with them too! Rhiannon


Thanks for your comments Rhiannonw.  Yes indeed the family thing is a great help.

Also sorry to hear you are also having problems. Hope they are only temporary. BUt in the meantime you can like me, enjoy those little ones.  My eldest Ava 9 has taught me so much about video games haha.  Firm indeed, or they walk all over you. Bless 'em.


So sorry to hear about all your problems, really admire the way you've coped with them all.  Can only echo what others have said - keep writing and keep posting on here!  Let us know what the outcome is of the GP visit.  Wishing you well.

Many thanks airyfairy for kind comments.  I guess it's do what you can or give up. That I will not do. Gotta make the most of the remaining years. Will keep you posted.


I was so sorry to read about your situation. Like Rhiannon said having a loving family around you must be a help. Falling over used to be a problem for me before I got my hip replacement, so I understand how scary it must be. I do hope you find solace in writing, I know it's helped me through so many obstacles now in later life.

Take care.



You're very kind Jenny, Thank you.  Indeed, without having that around you life must be doubly difficult. Unfortunately they can't stop me falling, but it's the after help that is most immportant to me. It's good to know your replacement has solved the problem for you. It's certainly givena alot of people a new lease of life.  I do enjoy writing "stuff" when the kids are not around. Have to do my Grandad duties haha.  As you rightly say it's all happening in later life.

Very best wishes