Jacob and James

The photo is of Jacob (almost 4) and James (just turned 2) in Warley Woods. Not sure which one is Pooh Bear.


Jacob is the youngest child of my daughter, Karen. James is the youngest child of my daughter, Claire. Mrs. Treaclechops and I normally look after them on Fridays. It helps their parents keep childcare costs down… as well as keeping us young(ish) and fit(ish). Warley Woods is on the western edge of Birmingham.


The lads were very wary because there were rumours of a Gruffalo at large. They had to keep hiding behind trees and bushes whenever they heard a growling noise. I must admit they were very brave and stuck close together to support each other. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a friendly mouse who may have been able to help them.


Being the very model of a modern granddad, I imparted some old-fogey knowledge to them whenever the Gruffalo went quiet and didn’t appear to be menacing them. I taught them to identify the holly bush and warned them about the dangers of the prickly leaves… and showed them the daffodil spears that would soon bear bright yellow flowers... then told them never to touch the red bins in the urban woods, city parks and public places 'cos they're full of dog poo.


When we got back home, Nanny made hot chocolate and I read them the story of the gingerbread boy. James was sad when the fox ate the gingerbread boy, but Jacob thought it was hilarious. It's amazing the difference that a couple of years of life can make.


Anyroadup… the rumours concerning the existence of a menacing Gruffalo in the woods proved to be totally unfounded… it was actually a BSG… BIG SCARY GRANDDAD!


Like this, and Warley woods is a great place to explore.

Have you visited the refurbished house yet, looks lovely. Must make the effort to go!

Thanks for your comment, Starfish Girl. Great to wander round Warley Woods with the grandkids. Fair weather and Gruffalos permitting, of course. Do you mean Lightwoods House in Lightwoods park?


Yes Lightwoods House, have watched its progress from the bus on my way into the city. What a lovely building.

oh, big, scary grandad. delightful. 


My daughters tell me I have a talent for scaring the grandkids.


I envy your happy times with John and James. I want to be a granny but its not up to me is it...

Got 5 grandkids and a 6th one pending. Due within the next couple of weeks. I never knew life could get so good. Take care, Elsie.


Life's such a big adventure with little ones.

Looks like a great time was had by all.


Great to be alive, Jennifer. Thanks for your comment.