Swan Paddle Boating

My understanding is that Swan Paddle Boating will be an event at the next Olympics. My wife and I harbour a dream to represent our nation in the mixed doubles at this event.


Unfortunately, we suffered a setback during our first training session, when we couldn't get both our bums in the boat at the same time. We are determined though and are now on the lookout for a swan paddle boat with a broader berth.


We aim to feature on the rostrum. Watch this space…


So that's where the swans flew to when Exmouth Funpark shut due to redevelopment. My money's on number 6 smiley

Yes, number 6 looks a real racing boat. Shame about the narrow beam.


We should have more 'fun' events in the olympics. My money's on you winning the swan race and would it be a swan song?


Definitely a swan song.


As all swans belong to the queen, I would contact Her Majesty for information on the whereabouts of a broader beamed conveyance. smiley 

I'll try that, Airyfairy. Gotta act quick, cos it seems my own beam is getting broader exponentially.