Another ABC book gets published - if you help!

Simon Miller's Ebolowa is 87% funded on Unbound but needs your help to get over the line! The book has been on ABCtales and Simon is more than grateful for the really helpful feedback he's received from members.

Now is the time to support him and pledge towards the book. You can do so here:

Let's get one more in the published ABC family! Ewan Laurie's Gibbous House is out on January 12th so make sure you have a bit of Christmas money left over. More power to your collective elbows. If we support each other then there is always the chance of more getting into print.


I've pledged, tweeted and done the usual things. I've read much of this book on here, and it's very good. 


Ebolowa and the shape it's in owe a huge vote of thanks to all of you who read and commented over the last months ---- and now a special extra tribute to Tony Cook and Celticman.  The Unbound edition will be a bit different but it reflects the great times it spent here ---- THANKS!  And any advice on tweeting Cman, welcome. Simon

hi simon, I'd like to offer some kind of advice about tweeting and other matters, but sadly you know about as much as me. Fingers and toes crossed for you. 


I so enjoyed reading this as it developed on here.  Pledge made and now can't wait to get my hands on the actual book!

AF - - you were the perfect critic for a thriller, starting in the middle and going back to the beginning with a steely eye on what worked and what didn't.  And now an unbound pledge: thanks so much!