Of Course You Can Meet The Queen

That's the title of the new children's book by ABCtales member Richard Penny - better known on here as Blighter's Rock.

It's the tale of a little girl with a dream - to meet the Queen. She and her father camp outside Buckingham Palace every weekend until eventually she is invited in for supper - bangers and mash - and her dream comes true.

The book is illustrated by Chris Baker with a series of delightful drawings that bring the tale to life.

Its message is that perseverance pays off and in an age of instant gratification that's no bad thing.

This is a book that will delight 4 to 8 year olds - full of fun and joy. I commend it highly to you all.

Buy a copy for just £6.99 including p and p here: http://www.catchymonkey.org


I received my copy earlier this week, and can highly recommend it. The engaging and delightful story is brought to life by the many colourful illustrations. Well done, Richard, and I wish you every success with its sales, which, undeniably, you deserve. Tina


You're a real gem, Tina. I can't thank you enough for your kindness and encouragement. Richard


New Blighters rock Hi! Just got Ray to order your great story, 'Of Course You Can Meet The Queen'. Read to. So well written. Love illustrations. Would loved it signed by you Richard. If it arrives by the time 'The Wheatsheaf' evening weds. jan 18th. But don't thinks so. You could have signed your book there! And I would have bought! But sent off now for it. Or maybe you can bring some spare books.! Or sign mine next London poet get together! Well have a few AbcTales books signed already,also go with my celebs; signatures big head! I am not really. After Jan 18th's. Hope your going. See us there. Wishing you all the best for the future So pleased for you. Sorry! mean't with writing and journeying, may been busy! But of course your alway's there. Ray and I see you,worrying not hearing daughter, answering emails no,phone resting her hubby says! If bad day in health!! Both them. Bad reception phones there? and tv connection friend I know says also. ps. Just got your kind reply email,transferred to me, and repleid back. Many thanks. cavalcaderl julie xx

We received our copy promptly with a kind inscription to my son JJ. We finished it in one go, taking turns to read each page. JJ loved the story and he highlighted the perseverance of the girl in her quest as one of the many things that he liked about the story. The story has a real 'feel good factor' about it - very welcome at the moment. A superb book from Blighters, I recommend it to anyone with a child up to about eight years old, or older children below about one hundred years old! All the best with the sales Blighters.


Thanks so much, Julie. Just got your order and sent an email to you. Course I'll be there Wednesday. Can't wait. I'll bring some books up for shameless self-promotion no doubt! See you then. Thanks to you too, Scratch and JJ. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your kindness and encouragemnt mean so much to me. All the best Richard


new SundaysChild Miss you at London. Hope you will be at the next one then. A book is on the way to me, because I am so young! No! love to read Author's work, and illustrations coloured seen, fetches me in,very good story too. by Blightersrock. to keep! julie xx

Congratulations Richard! Good on you...


Hi Julie, you were a true star on Wednesday. Hi Sundays, the reading evenings are getting really good so make sure you can make the next one, May 15th, and bring some work to read too. Hi Mark, thanks for your encouragement. Sold 140 copies so far and people are loving it. All the best Richard


New Blightersrock Hi! Richard, no not a star! At 'The Wheatsheaf' no microphone, so if at back with Ray,can't hear so well Got to mention,after pint of shandy Ray got me, then mentioned he got lost! petrified. Saw Editor he reassure me Ray be back kindly,chat bit more than have for many years! wouldn't mention if know 'Shandy' thanks Tony,so much! Miracles or right word in helping someone,we receive! But I mustn't overload the mind! or say too much. When I first read,had lovely email,of encouragement from Editor t.cook (Tony) Bless you just answered comment for you on headaches! In church we taught,just say I've been there too,when helping someone! bless you. Love to your mum just hold her hand and big kiss! I know. Well done on selling books of your's 'Of Course You Can Meet The Queen! I loved it too! just as t.cook (Tony) The Editor explains. And the story to the exciting pictures. I am a kid as well! Everybody read well I thought too! I was waiting for you help me up on stage as you say! but ok no microphone. Got toclose now! julie xx

Hi Julie, You did really well and held yourself brilliantly. Sorry if I was a bit slow to help you up on stage! the book's doing well and got on with Waterstones now. Reading to 180 children next week so wish me luck all the best Richard


Hi Blighters, Just caught up with this brilliant news, I'm really chuffed for you, was this story on abc at one point? it sounds familiar. anyway, it's nice to read some good news, you more than deserve it and I wish you the best luck in the world.


Hi Shoe, thanks for looking in. Yep, it was on Abc and I'll be putting old work back on soon. Had to clear some debris and need to sort it out soon. All the best Richard


Nice one Blighters. Having read the book numerous time now with my child it is no surprise to me that it is doing so well. I am confident that it will go from strength to strength. I am a hopeless self promoter Blighters I think your a bit the same! So I'll give a nudge. If any of you lovely ABCers that have bought a copy of blighter's brilliant children's story (and haven't yet done so) get on to Amazon and post a review (even I can do it and I am a technology Neanderthal!). I believe that some of the cover price goes to a fantastic children's charity so it's a win win job.


Yep, hopeless self-promoter I am too, Scratch. So glad you and your little un are enjoying it. I love it when people tell me that it's being picked a lot as a bedtime story by their children, which is a good sign that it's one of their favourites. 50% of profits from the book will go to Railway Children, and if I only break even, which is more than likely due to sellers' percentages and postage, I'm going to pledge a minimum of £250 to Railway Children. Thanks for your encouragement, Scratch. It goes a long long way, believe me. All the best Richard


Just ordered a copy as a birthday present for a four year old relative (well, that's my excuse, I really just want to read it myself!) Good luck with it Richard.


Thank you so much for your kindness and support, Alibob. I'll put it in the post tomorrow morning. All the best Richard


Just recieved my copy this morning on the way out and read it on the bus. Unfortunately I can't read it to my grandson until he can understand a bit more english but I am sure he will enjoy the illustrations. A brilliant children's book Richard which adults can learn a lot from as well. As Tony says the message of perserverance paying off is such a good one. Your dream can't come true unless you have a dream. I can see a slight resemblance to your curls in the father- ha ha really I enjoyed the story no end. Really well done. I also think the illustrations were spot on- not too babyish and not too grown-up! Thanks for sending it all the way to Denmark.... ;)Pia

Hi Pia, Glad you enjoyed the book and its hearty message. I'm sure that you're more than capable of translating the words for your grandson to enjoy. You have a great command of the English language so I hope you give it a whirl. Big thanks for ordering a copy Richard


Bloody Hell highhat, I thought you lived in London. A sort of Danishcockneyeske type of home counties girl. Must be a bloody nuisance turning up at the reading nights in the 'Blind Beggar' shifting the bull terrier and ordering bloaters from the Guv'nor.


hehe Scratch non comprendo I'm afraid- yes I live North of Copenhagen- not a drop of english blood in me- grew up in Sydney Aussieland...of Danish parents...but have lived a short while in London back in the 70's..love (almost) everything british and danish though.. hehe

I love the book Richard. Thanks for sending it so quickly. I've put a review on Amazon. (I'm called Lilysslave on there). Well done!


Alibob, your review is brilliant. The points you made were spot-on. That's exactly what I was trying to do with this book; to make it accessible for an independent child reader as well as a read-along book with an adult. Thanks for putting this into words. I have a problem in identifying what I try to do as a writer but seem to be able to understand and inform upon the work of others.


Mega thanks, Alibob, and glad you liked it. I'm off to read your review now!


Too bad i can't buy it. I use american money!

Mozzy, amazon will take dollars I think. :-)


Yes Amazon takes any currency...

G'day Blighters, (Sorry I've been remiss in putting up a review of your excellent book.) I received my copy (for my grandaughter) quite a while ago now and naturally read it straight away. She's very much into princesses so it was a good opportunity to explain where the Queen came in :o)) She loved the story even though she's only three. She's very close to her daddy and totally related to the little girl all the way through the story, pointing to the illustrations, understanding what was going on. Well done - many, many happy sales more to come. Frances. http://www.francesmacaulayforde.com


Thank you so much for letting me know your grand-daughter loves the book, Frances. It makes a massive difference to know it's being enjoyed. Funnily enough, the age-group that enjoy it is vast, from three to eleven. The industry thought it was formatted in the wrong way but it's doing well as it is. To be honest, I'm bowled over that three year-olds love it. I've read it to nursery classes and they all sit there for fifteen minutes while I read, utterly entranced. At the other end of the scale, even eleven year-old love it. Mind-boggling!! If and when you get the chance, please do put a review on Amazon. It really helps with sales and gives people a good idea of what it's about. Hope you're well and thanks again for getting in touch. All the best Richard