Jolono's East End Butcher Boy

Jolono, a fine, talented and much loved member of this site, has published his autobiographical book 'The East End Butcher Boy'. It is a fantastic read and I recommend it highly to all of you. Make it your Summer Holiday reading.

The hilarious trailer is on YouTube here:

Here's the blurb for the book: Ever wondered what it’s like growing up in London’s East End. Read this book and you’ll find out. How do you go from being a 14 year old kid to being an 18 year old wide boy? Read on. A story of loyalty, trust, friendship, and betrayal. Welcome to The East End Butcher Boy.

Here's where you can buy it:


New Editor t.cook Thanks Tony,just sent for Jolono's Book. Arrived today started bits,continue Sunday. Sounds great. East End Butcher Boy. julie

the video is good, but the book better than a Sunday morning fry-up. Buy it.


How do I get rid of Wowzers!  It is always in the comment box when I go to make a comment so I just backspace it?  It didn't show here but it appears after the title of the above link


This book was on my vacation-read list, Joe. I loved it. The writing is so effortless (I'm sure it wasn't, but that's a testament to your talents. You make it seem so.) What a story you had to tell. I wish I had one half as interesting.

Cheers to you!



Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.