one week again

Our uncle and aunt were here they say Jacques is doing well, it is now a week again in hospital. They did some shopping for me got some nice goodies! I am alone again but coping well. Watching movies writing a bit (sleeping late!) keeping the house clean and tidy.

We really appreciate all the prayers and wishes we did not realize how many friends we have. I printed some of his stories etc. of Abctales, he took it with to work on there.

South Africa faces all kinds of trouble and chaos. From what I hear of overseas it's not much better. At least the weather has been pleasant and the electricity load-shedding situation is improving still. I must say it's admirable how it is handled by both government and private sector.

General elections next year and soon the rugby world cup! There is much goodwill, all considered I would rather be here than Europe.



So pleased to hear Jacques is doing well - please send him our best wishes from ABCTales, Tom, and our hopes for his speedy recovery. Glad you're being looked after too!


Thanks! Will send your regards and wishes, also yes, I don't know what we would do without these people, as family. Seriously. In the end blood is thicker than water.

Keep well! Tom


Glad Jaques is doing well and wishing him well with the rest of his treatment. Glad you are coping too, Tom. We all need support at times. Friends and family can be worth their weight in gold. Take care both. Paul 


Hi Tom,  it's good to hear Jaques is doing okay and I'm sure he's in the best place for recovering.

You take care of yourself and I'm also glad you are getting help from your Aunt and Uncle. I'm thinking of you both.



Yes it is at times like these you learn to appreciate your family. If there's any news will let you know.

To be honest I'm scared. Tom


Hi Tom, I can completely understand why you would be scared, but you must stay strong and remember never to be afraid to ask for help, you'll be surprised how much people do care, and want to be there.

I find in times of trouble strength is often found in the most unusual places if you are prepared to seek help. I know from past experience.

Your faith is also a blessing and I'm sure prayer will help with your brothers healing.

Hope this helps, because I hate to think of you being scared.

Take care.