Bloggers' books win prizes

Take a look at this story from The Guardian - it should give hope to us all:,,1745535,00.html Maybe the time has come for publishers to find us in mysterious ways! Put your comments on to the General Discussion Forum on this story.

World Book Day - the findings

Thankyou to all of you who took part in the World Book Day survey. Here's what transpired:,,1721346,00.html You can debate these findings on our Discussion Forums.

HAVE YOU TRIED? #1: Sending an email to another ABCtales User

One of the most exciting things about putting your writing onto ABCtales is getting feedback from your fellow users. One way that this happens is through discussion in the 'Discuss Writing From' discussion forum. Another, more personal way that this happens is through contact by email. When you read something on ABCtales, why not take the time to send its author an email saying why you liked it or suggesting some things that could...