∙∙∙within the pouring jar

a transitional time


especially for the kapuna and hawaiians

"ABC of rhyming"

"Alluringly lovely as the Beams of her new moon,"


...penned during am evening walk


your hair, your face, your lips, your hands this mirror made these distant lands your whispered words are like a lyre plucked at night by beauty's fire the path you tread is like a lake a pebble falls and leaves a wake the stars at night pavane the sky the planets spin in their reply two hearts, two souls a path not started this past and present life departed all time and space will slip away as all your splendour will display that you and I may be as whole and watch as we invert the bowl `T. Imaan Tretchicovmanicova


"Music touches flesh kisses..."

"Up, up over"

"up, up over out and down"