The Blessed Four Of Rai-Stirigon

The Orphan, the Wanderer, the Warrior, the Martyr, and the mysterious pendant which connects them- can they fulfil ancient legend and prevent the destruction of the kingdom?


Preface. The Game Begins

It is bitter winter in the mountains, a pale sickle moon casting a wan silver light over the unmarked white of the snow.

His Dilemma

Snippet from my novel-to-be (fingers crossed) :)

Traditional poem from the Region of the Light

Ne taïe Myr feyra streighe Eyiran holun Myrra brininäe Tressyhe harante holun Myrra veile Mariye Irae seruin holun tahtsi; reppe narn graftighe Ne Myr pehriye näet sandar styrin