Meanwhile at the bar a drunkard muses

She offered me her handbag as a history, each drink lodged her looser. She threw out tears, teabags, tissues, mistletoe, a migrane, dismorphic disorders, photos of her 3 sons and lipstick.

At such great speed

At such great speed At Ipswich I take a walk to smoke but actually only want strangers to see that I have turned in to a too full water jug clacking with ice that cannot keep its cool. In the shade of a chocolate machine

Car ki der

Car ki der You look like an eskimo with that upturned nose that clutch of black hair - the smirk of a birth mark the size of a tooth on the mitre of your shoulder, you can tell you sleep in no ordinary bed


It was while trying to explain to Emily that you and I love one another like a trip to the dentist that I realised it was not entirely healthy. That as much as I hate the inspection, I know the whitening makes my face new

He put a crimp in my day

He put a crimp in my day It all came as rather a shock, he opened my door and threw it in like a grenade. I held out hope for it to keep its eyes closed like a new baby, but it opened its welt mouth