Hay on wye

Those girls like electrical currents

A wierd sort of half poem. Sort of a monologue to a jealous girlfriend from a cruel boyfriend. hard to tell which one is worse. 'What do they mean to you - those girls like electrical currents?' I had to take you away to the other side of the bar, to hold your hand when I didn't want to because you were too much,

A sestina

Old cloth sin I live in a case of cloth, each day swaddles me closer to my breasts, to my breathing. I leave the house with my unpicked eyes, cross stitching the sky, mostly looking out for sin.

Travel book

1. The voyage out begins in bathrooms where fleshy girls in bubbled water sink back, serenely considering skin-care and diet routines to make them tauter.

He said it was not his fault

He said he couldnt help the way he made my family sick that Christmas. He said he saw my sister pour her hot water bottle in to the kettle, that she forgot to get it back and that his only claim to guilt,