Lordy Lordy

Collection of stories with my Lord Lord and Troy Box characters

Sleep like a Lord

"I didn't sleep at all well, Box," I said. "It's the pheasants roosting in the rafters, they make a terrible racket." However, I must has been...
Gold cherry

The new road

I was suspicious as soon as I tasted my early morning toast and coffee - the coffee was hot and strong, the toast brown but not burnt. Box was...

The Private Members Ballot

"Good news my Lord," Box said one morning, as he brought me my morning toast, post and coffee. "You've been drawn first in the Private Members ballot...

Filthy moats and even more filthy gnus

I was woken early by the obnoxious smell of the family moat, which can be quite ripe in these summer months. I lay in bed hoping the smell would...

Guess the weight of the Lord

I was woken by Box with my tray of coffee, toast, and assorted toast adornments. "Thank you Box," I said, expecting him to go away, it being a...

Cross Party Groups

"Ah, Lord Lord, I was just talking about you," said Baroness Bluster as I entered our shared office. "You were?" I said nervously, there's only one...

Lordy Lordy - Bubble Buddies

I was woken by the chimes of the ice cream van, which had been abandoned in the east field since lockdown was announced in the middle of the village...