Marshmallows and gravy



The swimming pool clung like a cold cape to her neck and shoulders, her pink lips, purple cheeks and white ears making her look the least like a flower. Walking home, she concerntrated on the squat yellow line

Bright and tight

Yeeees, a bit dodgy this one. Erm. all I can offer is, speed poem?!

Cap lamps

Poem from an exercise using the Sean O Brien line 'there are guttering cap lamps bound up in roots'

Country casual egg cups

Country casual egg cups We bunch up against the windbreak like country casual egg cups. You take photos of the long limbed children, pick gelatin off the pork pie as if it's a disease. I watch a boy in a wetsuit

Cutlery Containers

Cutlery containers I would like to remind the trees that they are not cutlery containers that they are taller most people and can fall in the most perfect places without anyone making much complaint.