Resort Life - Maldivian Style

In this nature of geographical environment, islands are dispersed, isolated, with seas to cross in any weather, so are the resorts – retreats for holidaymakers where only a home crowd of staffs and tourists remain. Life is; one rainy night we wake the guests for departure – huge waves, rough seas and strong wind break in. We make transfers across the seas, from one boat to another, over the swells and there is no calm around the island.

One Double Too Many

A conservative double arrives at the resort. Mr John is dressed meticulously in white suite, wears a white hat.

Bandiya Dance

Bandiya Dance is called to the resort. At lunch, nineteen girls have buffet. Exchange of cards, gifts, names, some friends perhaps…

Welcome, Resort Boy

Tranquillity; on a bright, sunny day an Air Taxi (red bird) floats in deep horizon with silvery reflection in the blue waters. Zooming in; the bird grows bigger.

Resort Service

On the B E A C H Early morning, Shopay sits in a hammock wearing sunglasses watching sunbathers on the beach. Manager climbs the beach with Pen – Thai masseuse.

Dirk Goes Fishing

Nightfall, supply arrived with a palette of beer and the load is moved to the stores. Most of the cases touched water in the shipment route,

Island Hopping

Monica steps into the checking counter with her mom behind, both on their way to work from holiday. Officer traces the device on Monica and it starts beeping.

Take A Chance

Dinner time; Monica sits by the counter working on the laptop. Shopay enters the dimly-lit lobby.

Tips For Lies

Morning; Poko finds the bottle C left under the bar counter. He looks at its content in the light.

Trip To Malé

Outside, chairs around at dawn; crowd awake because few buddies wish to go Malé. Fitte going on urgent matter, Lucky and two other boys joined.

Fuel Route

Koi, Fitte and Lucky looks for diesel at island shops. Koi says, “It seems not a single shop on this island has diesel.