Tales for the Very young

Young children's stories.

The Horrible Green Hairy Monster

Once upon a time there was a three and a half year old boy whose parents called him Alexander. However his friends at the play group knew him as Alex.

A new home for the Horrible Green Hairy Monsters

The next time Alex was taken to the park he ran over as usual towards the place where Hercules and his friends lived. It had disappeared.

Alex finds two new friends

Two days later Mummy took Alex and the new baby into the park. Mummy pushed the baby inside a pram while Alex walked because he was a big boy now.

Another Horrible Green Hairy Monster

Hercules woke up with a start early one morning. Something large was lying near him and making horrible grunting sounds.

The Horrible Green Hairy Monster returns

The next time Alex was taken to the park he was expecting to see his new friends and have another adventure with them.

The Green Hairy Monsters to the rescue

Alex left his friends to settle down in his daddy’s garden for a day or two. Then one day at breakfast time just as he thought he ought to go and play with them, daddy suddenly spoke.