Uh...Ghosts (For lack of a better title at present)

My new novel, as it progresses

Ghosts (Book 1 Part 1)

Part 1: Shanghai “From childhood’s hour I have not been As others were; I have not seen As others saw; I could not bring My passions from a common spring” --Edgar Allen Poe

Ghosts (Book 1 Part 12)

As I am often reminded to fear the living, there was a point in Shanghai when I was prompted to remember that nasty little fact.

Ghosts Book 1 Part 11

I remember Tommy. I remember him very well. Tommy was my first friend and perhaps he was the best friend I ever had. Tommy died before I was born.

Ghosts (Book 1 Part 2)

Well, as usual, before my trip to China, I had to see Violet. I don’t really go anywhere of my own volition and I just let Violet tell me what to do. It’s easier that way.

Ghosts (Book 1 Part 3)

Sometimes I think The Delphi Circle spoils me a little. I know it is more than that. They try to motivate me with beautiful and willing women.

Ghosts (Book 1 Part 4)

Before I left for China, I had to see Merlyn. We were once great friends, but I am me and our warm relationship had cooled over the last several years.

Ghosts (Book 1 Part 5)

Vera did her best to appease me the next several days. She tried to be there for me when she assumed I was in need and she tried to keep her distance when she felt I needed more time to myself.

Ghosts (Book 1 Part 6)

“So, you hired a prostitute last night?” Vera’s sudden intrusion into my sleep, with an iciness that was not common on her tongue, cut me like a blade.

Ghosts (Book 1 Part 7)

When I left the room he was lying on the bed with an erection pointing toward the ceiling...blood issuing forth and pooling on the bed from the gaping wound in his throat.

Ghosts (Book 1 Part 8)

Sometimes one can have so much sex that it becomes meaningless and boring...they are only remnants as most ghosts initially appear to be of the physical world.

Ghosts (Book 1 Part 9)

The ancient Romans had names for ghosts. I cannot say with certainty that they were the first culture to believe in them as there were many ancient cultures that came before them.

Ghosts (Book 1 Part 10)

Some animals eat their young. I imagine that no thought goes into devouring one’s offspring when one is a mere animal, incapable of any sort of emotion. However, it is not human to fuck children.