(WIP) Elysian Fields Surrenders, A Novel

A novel about dragons, friendship, a brilliant military tactician who hates war, the roles we fill on a daily basis and the search for peace of mind.

The main focus of Elysian Fields Surrenders is stress: its many faces and sources, how it affects us, how we percieve it, how we behave in its grips. It's a story about fear.

(WIP) Fragment 1: "Breaking Off an Engagement"

In which our hero breaks up with a thickly-accented beauty, responsibility sucks, and a dragon is annoyed.

(WIP) Fragment 0-A: "A Rare Degree of Talent"

In which a young Elysian and Terebridys are presented with an important decision.

(WIP) Fragment 0-B: "Beach Chess"

In which children (and hatchlings) make friends amid the threat of imminent war.

(WIP) Fragment 2: "Early Memory"

In which Elysian tells Terebridys about his parents' estrangement.