Well, I managed to keep to 200 words for a while but life's too short ...

Gold cherry

My dead diary – an apology and a treatise on the impossibility of undead peacekeeping

After a slight hiatus, the ghost writer continues his account of disreputable and frequently drunk goings on while the world sleeps (or fails to).

My dead diary - this probably means war

In which there is plenty of fighting and drinking amongst the undead community and bad dreams for everyone else. Which explains my headache in the morning.

My dead diary - politics and alcohol

An ongoing story of sorts in very short episodes. In which our narrator misses the times when the undead could carouse more freely.

My dead diary – on the formidable aggression of Victorian authors and other inhabitants of Highgate Cemetery

A story in very short episodes. In which a rather effective ghostly army finally take on the might of Highgate and there is much whacking and a small amount of vampire action.

My dead diary – on the art of maintaining a seige when your zombie troops are tripping on illicit substances

An irregular account of what's been going on after dark recently in which the author offers at least one explanation why London's roads are in such a state.

Coventry carol

A clear midwinter sunrise warmed our backs as we fell on the town, sweeping all before us. I admit that I sanctioned the slaughter there (our enemy...