Depression lifted

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Depression lifted

I had been feeling completely despondent about my writing until I just read one of the cherry picked pieces. I scanned it. That was enough. My depression has lifted.

Does this say more about me, the writers or the editors?

Hello hj, write for yourself and your audience -- a thin line, eh? You write well, keeping in mind the artist is never truly satisfied, but one has to know when to stop then move on to the next challenge. Cheers, Richard LP ps. re cherries, you have one of the best averages on the whole site -- one set of cherries for every three articles, not bad at all. I write 20 articles per set. HOWEVER do not just write for the cherries, but they are a great pat on the back.
Richard L. Provencher
Probably just needed some solid writing to get you out of your despondency! Just out of interest, what was it? I have the flu :(

Natalia :)

Sounds to me like he was saying the cherry piece was not all that great and now he feels better about his own work. I may be misreading this.

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