Who's The Most Incompetent Actor Who's Made It?

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Who's The Most Incompetent Actor Who's Made It?

My pick is Nathan Fillion of Castle fame. If you listen closely on YOURTV channel 72, when they advertise his programme, does he actually say "hi, I'm Rick asshole"? That about says it for me.

Adam Sandler. He's a genius comedian, but a terrible actor.


steve from coronation street. one expression. raise of the forehead to show everything from shock, grief, the end of the world and everything else in between. 


If I had to pick one actor then probably Gwyneth Paltrow. Its not that she can't act at all but she's a mediocre actress and it explains alot to me that she was one of Harvey Weinstein's protégés .

Generally, though, I feel the problem is not incompetence. Its because actors throw their talents away in bad movies; its ego and the money lust of the hollywood machine. Lots of good actors seem to turn out bad performance after bad performance just because their ego is pandered to and because they're in bad films with terrible dialogue made purely for the sake of generating revenue.

Robert Downey Jnr - Was a great actor. Now appears in trash movies.

Tom Cruise - Alright when he's playing parts within his emmotional range but, again, appears in terrible movies.

Leonardo Di Caprio - Just like Robert Downey Jnr, is a good actor but I don't think he has good material to work with.

Johnny Depp - Over rated and often guilty of horrendous over acting but again can act well if he has a good script.

Tom Hanks - Used to be a wonderful cynical comic actor with both an edge and a heart a long time ago but, like Robin Wlliams, became a big, sentimental marshmallow propoganda monkey.

The same is true of most of the other big contemporary actors; good actors wasting their abilities in weak films.