Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

The night air is chilled but the climb up the ladder is thrilling…as I lift the skylight’s heavy cover and push it carefully off the opening… I feel the freedom in the first breath of night air as I lift myself up onto the edge...and out onto the roof top...I am immediately thrust into a magical place as I stare into the deep, quiet darkness filled with starlight above and street lights below.

It is a world beyond the normal, a world where imagination soars…and I can dream.

The flat tar papered roofs of connected brownstones stretch out before me… like streets to explore…the concept of lives lived within each of these tar parcels amazes me…and while I sit here on my own roof…feeling like I am at the top of the world….in my mind…I am as far away from the lives in those buildings as earth is to the moon...

There has never been a better place to let my spirit soar…and there has never been a more enticing adventure... than that climb up to the roof.

Sadly, it is the roof of my childhood home I am reminiscing about…a place I can only travel to in memory… still…that roof is mine…and in my meditative moments…it is where I go…to breath…count stars…and most especially to dream.

Tonight, I’m closing my eyes and climbing that ladder – and my writers heart is taking me to far away lands with shooting stars and windswept vistas….and if you've no ladder up to the roof...you're welcome to use mine...Happy imaginings...

Thanks for listeningsmiley




we all look for a place of inspiration. 


Absolutely we do. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment - much appreciated.smiley