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IP Audio Recordings

I'm so chuffed with myself for having negotiated the tech and done it!  It was a lot easier than I thought.  It's not exactly BBC standard and my toes curl at the sound of my own voice, but I know ABC Talers are a forgiving lot.  I'm hoping those who are used to doing this sort of thing can give me some pointers about how to make it better next time?  Looking forward to hearing other people's stuff!  

Jane where is it? If I click on the link you gave I get a cloud but with only one file, Helen's.


Odd - I could get on it before, but now it's saying it doesn't exist!  Looking into it...

Fixed!  It had been marked 'private', but is now 'public', so should be fine now.

Ah, I wonder if it is the same for me. One reader seems unable to open a link I made on one onedrive, although I can read it.


I've just tried to access yours, Luigi, and I couldn't either, so yes, maybe that's it.

Just thought - are you specifically wanting the recording on your own OneDrive, or are you wanting it on the ABC Soundcloud?  If you email the file to abc admin they'll upload it and put the link on your piece.  Are you linking to the actual file on your OneDrive?  I don't know how that works re security.

Thanks Jane. I have now downloaded (uploaded?) the file to soundcloud and obtained a new link which should, hopefully, work.