Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

Writers create little worlds of wonder but where do these stories come from? I know it is different for each writer for we have our own rhythm and flow…require different stimuli…and know what effectively works for us may not work for everyone.

For me, when I write, it is visual…the words flow from what I see, or I should say what I imagine. I walk through the scenes in my mind’s eye almost in a trance, imagining and typing the descriptive words and dialogue that flows to me from the unfolding scene in my head…almost like a waking dream.  But my younger son, who writes songs and prose, tells me that for him it is the words he sees, no visual images, just feelings that conjure the words for him, and I find that fascinating.

I couldn’t create that way…and he couldn’t create as I do. So it made me wonder, what within us sparks our individual creativity?

I’m having this strange preoccupation today with how our creative minds work differently and it strikes me as important to understand it…but even as I wonder... I’m drawn to the scene outside my window. The morning is sunless and I am where I always go to write...in my backroom looking out on the small forest behind my yard ...imagining a world of sprites flitting through those tall, old trees.

That is my process, my place of content, and from there I’ll feel the pulse of nature around me, gaze into that wooded scene and feel calm. It reminds me to breathe, and allows me to dream. And soon the small, laptop keyboard at my fingertips will begin to click as I go inward…walk through the story…acquaint with characters…hear the dialogue....and write with the freedom to take it anywhere. It is a heady feeling to let the muse create.

We all have or own entry into our imagination, our doorway, and it may not be in the same place but rest assured that doorway is there waiting for us. And for me…my wooded path into my imagination has always been there but…it is about to change…and this is what sparked my musings today…for I will have to find a new path.

Someone has purchased the land behind my yard and we’ve heard they will be taking down these old trees. I am heart sick but the neighborhood is unable to stop it.

Last year when a storm brought down half of tall oak…sending it into my yard taking down a portion of the fence and I asked my husband not to put a new one up…not for awhile…because it gave me a better view into that forest, and it was magnificent.

Then baby rabbits and tiny armadillos wandered out to the edge of my property and I was enthralled. There is an Owl that lives in those trees too, it hoots to me at night and I’ve seen hawks, woodpeckers, cardinals and last month there was a bald eagle sitting above the trees but none of that will save this small forest. So sadly, my time enjoying this world is drawing to a close and soon the fence will return, and my private forest cleared.

I know it is ending…But today the path is still open for me…The trees wave to me…the birds are vocal ...Today I can mediate on the beauty before me and enjoy it until its final day.

Thanks for listeningsmiley

I think I'll go hug a tree....



hug a tree for me, too. 


will do Jack ! smiley