Passing of former South-African President

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Passing of former South-African President

FW de Klerk (1936 – 2021)  passed on Thursday 11 Nov 2021 of cancer.

Together with Nelson Mandela the country was led through a peaceful transition to a non-racial democracy and they shared a Nobel Peace Prize (1993).

A national referendum (1992) to change the constitution and an overwhelmingly “Yes” vote gave the majority and the authority together with parliament for changing the prior constitution and was followed by our first free and non-racial democratic elections (1994).

De Klerk was a man of courage and insight and often misunderstood and unpopular in his time. History will prove him a great man and a great statesman.

Well said Tom.....

My POV, in a snap shot.

Change in the form of disruptions, disrupters, public sentiment, revolution <in what ever form>. The political gravity shifts; both externally and internally in any culture are daring with uncertain outcomes. In my experience (as a witness to other such liken events) these momentum shifts in populations, social classes , ethnic groups, from urban dwellers, to the suburbs and outlying regions, etc. Is a massive tidal surge, so to speak, very difficult to see clearly let alone weigh and measure in the calculus. Not always clear and often rife with destructive and deadly uncertainties. And in this case a class, clash, of cultures and ethnic race issues mixed in, with hindsight- factored in-, with the disproportionate numbers of the aforementioned.

(head scratch)........

I don't know how he did it but I want to study in closer. You are so right as you wrote;

"De Klerk was a man of courage and insight and often misunderstood and unpopular in his time. History will prove him a great man and a great statesman".

May I also add.... "a man of foresight"..... And it still functions today, evolving and growing.

Change is often scary and painful. As often as bleak and troubling African politics have been and are today. De Klerk lead and inspired a podium position standard by example, in that; it can be done and it is possible. And then he handed it off to Mandela, again setting a standard of what an ethnic African statesmen really is and can be to the world, who lead and kept that peaceful momentum going. 

De Klerk shattered the norms in the right place at the right time in a massive risk situation and managed it and transitioned it.

There's a stroke of genius in all that......

I'll be so bold to reduce this down to street slang, manu e manu to make the point.

(De Klerk had some big f'n B@Lzz to pull that off... Gotta man up & give him credit wether you like him or not or understand him or not)

Cheers Tom




Yes Kris! Thanks this is a very good contribution well informed and thought through. Sorry I didn't read it before at a glance looked like nonsense. You know the guys with their rants and raves and general rage. Looks like we've got trouble Now my friend. Tom




I think it's not that bad after all. The president spoke on the radio last night he keeps us informed, he was calm and confident it was reassuring. But the big question of course is whether the vaccines are efficient for the new variants. That is make or break and it's not just us, it is the whole world.

& Nolan


Good Point Nolan,

From my POV... its about buying some time to figure this out and get a good read on it and then adapt....(if needed)... A calm, cool, informative, presidential address set the tone...(watched it carefully).

(mean while gaurd-up, stay safe. vax'd and all that)...

With that said, hats off with a bow of respect for the S.A. virologist/ bio teams that ID'd this.... Gotta say it... That's some "Dam Good" bio detective work! (awesome) and reporting the tech data fast*