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Help needed


I would like to create a new collection & don't remember how to. Can someone please assist me?

Thank you.
`T. Imaan Tretchicovmanicova

Hello - in your account, click on 'Write' and then you should see "what would you like to write?". Underneath that, you will be able to click on 'Start a collection'. Hope that works for you! smiley


FYI... I tried to create a collection yesterday... (re-organize).... everything appeared to work perfectly.... Today's-View = it did not re-load i.e. just back to normal<no collection>.... No worries, no stress, chill, some day I'll try again..... Enjoy the rest of the Summer, stay safe, drink lots of water & use sunscreen... (I gotta say it my line of work (smile)..... Cheers Kris



Sorry it didn't seem to work for you Kris. I've never heard of anyone else having that problem. All I can suggest is to have another go. Nice to see you back on the site smiley


I'll do that = have another go- Thx*

Nice to be back, thank you*,... got a bit down time, reboot, on the injured list for a few days, a pause before I get back in the game, so to speak, all good, & so soothing for the soul to read & dwell in the mist poets, commentaries, and stories herein...... 

Appreciate it.... Cheers K


Many thanks, Insertponceyfrenchnamehere!

`T. Imaan Tretchicovmanicova