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"what may i learn, Master?" 
"the ways of the willow," you say. 
"with that knowledge, what will i then know?" 
"the secrets of the wind," you say. 
"knowing her secrets, will i be of better service?" 
"you will be on the threshold of the unknown," you say. 
"where knowing ends and sensing begins?" 
"upon the very page of the sages. such knowledge, though, comes at a price," you say. 
"i find i am more lonely amongst them than apart." 
you smile. 
"when you are amongst them, you are apart of me and a part of me when not amongst them," you say. 
"a reed." 
"a reed will in time return to the world of the secret and hidden," you say. 
"the very definition for one such as you," you say. 
"i would have sacrificed being anything save for a reed in the reed bed," 
i say, we say, "winter was also once winter before it was spring." 

♥for mother 
©`t. imaan tretchicovmanicova

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