∙∙∙∙∙∙shadow upon the soul

drowning in the brutal fist & silence of darkness.

"velvet curtain mood"

`tis very bright in here may i...

"a sip"

... your wisdom bathed me...

"be the water"

at night, as i walk beneath the skyscraper trees,


on dark earth i tred to you

"her rise"

i glanced out the window this night to see...

"ignite into a blaze"

i arch and lean across the heat of your dark breath like...

"qing, Lao Xian"

she walks across the floor as...


carefully unpin the jewel and...


... in time his breath is simply heard and to the silence is preferred

"the space between"

he is brown earth, i the green leaf;

"to listen"

square mouths talk around this round table yet