my aphorisms

to understand a people, come to understand their sayings.

aphorism 104

aphorism 104 - deflect, delay, diffuse, downplay

aphorism 110

chess: martial arts on a board meditation in motion life in its duration. `t. imaan tretchicovmanicova 27jan13 copyright © 2013

aphorism 59

- a new aphorism -

aphorism 60

*a little something i wrote today*

aphorism 62

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aphorism 69

character & traits in leadership

aphorism 91

Πάντα ῥεῖ

quotation 7

"as the heavy snows bend the bough, so will the might of dominance, either with or without permission, cause one to flex." `t. imaan tretchicovmanicova copyright © 2007

quotation 30

another spiritual quotation

quotation 42

a quotation about longing

quotation 50

"they must show discipline before they have a woman's affection." cesar millan

quotation 51

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quotation 53

inspired by bruce lee's words ...

quotation 55

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quotation 58

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